LinkedIn Advertising 101


LinkedIn ads are much overlooked when thinking about social media advertising. As the platform for professional networking, LinkedIn presents opportunities in a niche market. As such, most business-to-business campaigns take place here, with the exception of certain business-to-consumer industries such as recruitment, skill providers and the like. With the addition of Pulse, LinkedIn’s news reader “powered by your professional world“, digital marketing with LinkedIn is leaning towards content. Business-to-consumer industries can start to leverage on this network by producing relevant content. Have your company’s LinkedIn page ready? Let’s see how we can work with LinkedIn ads, in tandem with your marketing strategy. 

Good for Business 

LinkedIn hosts more than 430 million professional profiles, with access to information such as job title, job scope, income range, skill sets and qualifications. Businesses can easily identify and target key decision makers within a company to sell their services to. That’s what makes LinkedIn the best B2B ad network.

Most people on LinkedIn are there to network and connect with business contacts, to keep up with industry news and movement, to read about professional topics and find new jobs or improve their career. In order to catch their attention, relevance is important. Be interesting, newsworthy and professional. For example, instead of simply posting a recruitment ad, craft a content around why one should work for your company. According to LinkedIn, content gets 15 times the interaction of job postings!


LinkedIn Ads  

There are two ways to get started with LinkedIn Ads. On its self-serving ad platform, advertisers can create and track display ads, text ads and sponsored content to a targeted audience. Cost Per Click  (CPC) ranges from $2 to $5 per click, depending on segmentation and relative bids.  

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Through Partner Solutions platform, personalised ad products such as sponsored InMail or other ad products such as premium display ads, follow company ads, recommendation ads and join-group ads, all require the assistance of Partner Solutions.  

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You can also choose to extend your ads to LinkedIn Audience Network where your ads will be served on their partners’ sites as well.

While there are no hard and fast rules as to what your ads should look like, it is recommended that they have strong titles and copy, useful information and make use of visuals to grab attention. Pick up some tips from Hubspot as they share 5 things learnt from one year with LinkedIn.


Link up on LinkedIn

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Personalised interactions by driving social selling success with LinkedIn Sales Solutions are what makes all the difference when it comes to digital marketing. Listen to what your buyer personas are saying; find out where and how often they are talking about it. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can easily connect the Microsoft Social Engagement feature to extract all the data that you need. Spot trends, positivity or negativity in comments and more, with just one solution. Now you can speak to the target audience in their language, on a platform where they are looking to connect with other businesses.

Knowing your customers is important and with LinkedIn, you may even have an idea of how much influence they have over the purchase of your products!

As with any campaigns, always measure and test the effectiveness of ads so that every ad campaign can better fulfil the overall marketing objectives.


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