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                Four-star Hotels
                Baihua Resort Hotel
                Located by the Baihua Forest reservoir with beautiful scenery, the Baihua Resort Hotel has a fascinating view of lakes and mountains.
                Clifford Hotel
                As the largest resort club in Asia with the most complete facilities, with 15 minutes‘ drive to Pazhou Exhibition Center, the Clifford Hotel is situated in Panyu District and enjoys a favorable geographical position.
                Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort
                Reputed to be the “First Spring in Lingnan” “Top 10 spring hotels in China”, the Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort is located within the AAAA-Level scenic zone and beside the Liuxi River in Conghua.
                Golden Bridge Hotel
                The hotel is built with a fresh, elegant, simple and fashionable design. It serves the guests from all over the world with various delicacies under the philosophy of
                Grand Palace Hotel
                The hotel is located in the new city center - Tianhe District. Here, you can really witness the busyness of modern Guangzhou, as well as enjoy the delicious Cantonese cuisine, leisurely shopping, along with many forms of entertainment.
                Guangdong Mandarin Hotel
                Adjacent to Tianhe CBD center, Times Plaza and Teemall Plaza, the hotel enjoys favorable geographical position and transportation, with 15 minutes drive to Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center and 35 minutes drive to Baiyun International Airport.
                Guangdong Victory Hotel
                Located on the charming historical Shamian Island, an oasis of tranquility in this busy city, the Guangdong Victory Hotel boasts an enchanting and peaceful environment, embodying the essence of Greek and Baroque architecture.
                Guangzhou Donlord International Hotel
                Located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, the hotel was awarded the title of
                Holiday Inn City Center Guangzhou
                Located along Huanshi East Road in the city’s commercial, shopping and entertainment district, the Holiday Inn City Center Guangzhou is one of the first group truly international hotels in Guangzhou.
                Holiday Inn Shifu Guangzhou
                As the first four-star hotel in
                Huaweida Hotel
                With only 10 minutes‘ drive to the Exhibition Center of China Import and Export Fair, the Huaweida Hotel is located in the newly developed center of Guangzhou, combining business, IT, sports and entertainment functions.
                Landmark International Hotel
                Adjacent to business, shopping and entertainment centers, the Landmark International Hotel is enjoys convenient transportation by lying at the crossing of the Guangzhou transportation network.
                Liuhua Hotel
                As a subsidiary of the Lingnan Group and a member of WORLDHOTELS First Class, the hotel boasts favorable geographical positions and advanced business atmosphere, with a stone‘s throw away from the well-known garments and logistics market in Southern China
                New Pearl River Hotel
                Adjacent to the Pearl River, located on the bank opposite to picturesque Ersha Island, the New Pearl River Hotel boasts a favorable geographical position, with only 30 minutes‘ to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.
                Panyu Hotel
                The hotel is located in the commercial center of Shiqiao Town, Panyu District. Only 64 sea miles to Hong Kong and 16 kilometers to Guangzhou in the North.
                Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou
                This beautiful waterfront hotel sits on the shore of the Pearl River, and the guests here can enjoy a quiet and elegant environment.
                Regal Riviera Hotel Guangzhou
                The Regal Riviera Hotel, Guangzhou is the axis of three important parts of Guangzhou-the new city centre in Guangzhou, the Pearl River scenic area and the is the very core of what is known as "The Garden City".
                Riverside Hotel
                As an international comprehensive luxury hotel, the Riverside Hotel is situated by the beautiful riverside of the Pearl River and adjacent to a bustling business center.
                Southern Airlines Pearl Hotel
                The guests can go through their flight transfer and departure formalities in the hotel, and they will be received and seen off at the airport free of charge.
                Star Hotel Canton
                Star Hotel is a joint venture four-star hotel, renovated in 2005. Located in the CBD of Tianhe District. Only three minutes to Guangzhou East Station. Elegant environment, well-equipped hotel facilities, an ideal place for business or pleasure.
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