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                Medical Services
                Guangzhou has a very efficient healthcare network, and some hospitals are staffed with foreign doctors. Here you can have information on Guangzhou’s major medical organizations and medical services for contagious diseases, epidemics, and children vaccination.

                See one of the following for additional information on medical service:

                Hospitals & Clinics

                Guangzhou has an effective and efficient medical and healthcare network and general and specialized hospitals can be found in all of the city's administrative districts. Foreigners in Guangzhou may seek medical attention at the hospital by presenting their personal identity document or residence permit. If they are unable to make the trip to the hospital, they can dial emergency assistance number 120 or the number of their designated hospital for an ambulance. The ambulance will bring the patient to the nearest hospital for a fee. The fee ranges from one hundred to several hundred of RMB, depending on the distance transported and the medicines used.

                Government-operated hospitals, such as the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, tend to have numerous outpatients. They offer online and telephone appointment services. Patients may proceed to the outpatient department, register and wait their turn. Outpatient services follow this procedure: Registration and assignment to the right department for diagnosis – Waiting for one's turn – Consultation with the doctor – Paid examinations and tests (some examinations require appointments in advance) – Direct prescription by doctor or prescription according to the results of examinations and tests – Paying – Collecting medicines.

                Guangzhou CanAm International Medical Center is the first and only Chinese government officially approved foreign joint venture medical center currently operating in Guangzhou and serving the expatiate community. It adopts international medical standards for its services and performance.
                Add: 5/F Garden Tower, Garden Hotel, No. 368 Huanshi Dong Road, Guangzhou
                PC 510064
                Tel: 8386 6988
                Fax: 8760 5276


                Treatment of Contagious diseases & Severe Epidemics

                If a person is bitten or clawed by an animal (such as a dog, cat or mouse), he or she should immediately have his or her wound scrubbed and treated at the nearest medical institution, contact the local center for disease control and prevention, and undertake vaccination at the designated rabies vaccination center.

                A person who has been confirmed or is suspected of contracting a contagious disease at a medical institution should cooperate with all inspection and quarantine measures implemented by said medical institution; he or she should be transferred to the relevant contagious disease hospital for treatment according to relevant regulations.

                Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
                Add: No. 23, Zhongshan Road III
                Inquires: 83819082, 83849082
                Website: www.gzcdc.org.cn

                Guangzhou Hospital for Chest Diseases (dedicated to tuberculosis)
                Add: No. 62, Hengzhigang Road
                Tel: 83595977

                Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital (dedicated to other contagious diseases)
                Add: No. 627 Dongfeng Dong Road
                Tel: 83838688


                Vaccination of Children

                Parents or custodians of children born or residing in Guangzhou should obtain a vaccination card from the local vaccination service institution (the community health service office or the town hospital). The children should receive vaccinations according to the immunization procedure and at the required time.

                Children who have failed to receive required vaccinations as a result of relocation, extended travel or residing in another city may undertake their required vaccinations at the vaccination service institution at their new place of abode by presenting their vaccination card. Vaccinations received should be recorded by the nurses on the card. Custodians of children should keep vaccination cards in a secure place and in good condition for inspection upon the children's enrollment at a kindergarten or primary school or upon said childs' entry into and/or exit from China.


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