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                Stroll through the flower market to start spring festival in Guangzhou
                Update: 2019-12-24     Source: Newsgd.com

                For Guangzhouers, one of the most important traditions before Spring Festival is to visit a flower market. There you can buy fresh flowers, plants, orange trees (think of it as symbolic like a Christmas tree). Let’s see where you can visit one in Guangzhou in 2020!

                Flower market.

                Yuexiu Flower Market

                The oldest flower market in Guangzhou, last year the Yuexiu Flower market introduced a Han Chinese Costume show to add to the festive atmosphere.

                Time: January 22nd to 25th

                Add.: Xihu Road and Jiaoyu Road, Yuexiu District

                Nearby Metro Station: Gonggyuanqian station

                Haizhu Flower Market

                2 highlights:

                1. A simple shop arrangement.

                2. With a convenient courier options, there is no need to worry about how to carry batches of flowers home.

                Time: January 22nd to 24th

                Add.: Binjiang West Road and Baogang Dadao, Haizhu District

                Nearby Metro Station: D Exit, 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace station

                Liwan Flower Market

                Famous for its great variety of flowers, Liwan Flower Fair will present 337 booths in 2020. If you want to appreciate the most flowers, this is the choice for you.

                Time: January 22nd to 24th

                Add.: Liwan Road, Liwan District

                Nearby Metro Station: Chen Clan Academy and Zhongshanba station

                Tianhe Flower Market

                Tianhe Flower Fair will open 318 booths. The market offers an advantageous and epic night view of Guangzhou’s new central axis from Citic Plaza to the Canton Tower

                Time: January 22nd to 24th

                Add.: Tianhe Sports Center

                Nearby Metro Station: D Exit, Tianhe Sports Center

                2018 Tianhe Flower market.

                Baiyun Flower Market

                Time: January 22nd to 25th

                Add.: Guangzhou Baiyun Wanda East Plaza

                Nearby Metro Station: Feixiang Park station

                Huangpu Flower Market

                Time: January 20th to 24th

                Main venue: Huangpu Sports Center

                Parallel venue: Intellectual City Jiulong Lake Plaza

                Huadu Flower Market

                In 2019, Huadu Flower Fair attracted the largest crowds and recorded the highest number of sales. Next year, it will highlight ‘greenway culture’, and set up 6 booths for public service organizations in Huadu district.

                Time: January 20th to 24th

                Add.: the flower market, No. 37, Furong Dadao, Huacheng street, Huadu district

                Nearby Bus Station: Flower world station

                Panyu Flower Market

                Panyu Flower Fair will be held from January 19th to 24th, making it the fair running for the longest duration. If you want to get in the spirit early, this fair is going to be right up your street.

                Time: January 19th to 24th

                Add.: Jisheng Vanke Central Park

                Nansha Flower Market

                There will be 200 booths selling flowers, festive trinkets, and bonsai.

                Time: January 19th to 23th

                Add.: Shinan Dadao, Nansha district

                Nearby Metro Station: Jiaomen station

                Conghua Flower Market

                133 booths will be selling flowers, bonsai, aquatic animals, spring festival couplets, and more

                Time: January 19th to 24th

                Add.: Fengyunling Pingdi Park, Conghua district

                Zengcheng Flower Market

                There will be 144 booths selling potted flowers, fresh cut flowers and traditional festival orange trees.

                Time: January 20th to 24th

                Add.: North Square, Zengcheng Square, Zengcheng district

                Orange trees.

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