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                City news
                Latest advances forecast easy travels in Nansha
                Update: 2020-01-02     Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

                Guangzhou’s Nansha district has welcomed a string of good news about traffic construction.

                The first station of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 - Hengli Station- has been finished. Eight of the line’s nine stations and six of the eight sections are progressing. The civil engineering is 44 percent complete so far.

                Subway Line 18 will run from Wanqingsha town to Guangzhou East Railway Station, measuring a total of 61.3 km.

                The line, expected to reach a speed of 160 km per hour, will achieve fast rail transit connections between the Nansha New District and downtown Guangzhou.

                The No G6325 passenger train from Guangzhou South to Chaoshan will add a stopover station - Qingsheng Railway Station - on Dec 30.

                It is possible to travel with a direct return between Qingsheng, a hub cluster in Guangzhou’s Nansha district, and Chaoshan, an area in the southeast of the Guangdong province.

                It's planned that this train will pull out of Qingsheng Station at 10:18 and arrive at Chaoshan Station at 12:59. The second-class seat tickets will cost 162.5 yuan ($23.19) and first-class tickets 250.5 yuan.

                The construction of the east extension segment of Guangzhou Metro Line 3 is in full swing. Construction at the last two worksites has now commenced, following the previous three sites.

                The line, containing four stations, will be entirely underground, with the total length measuring 9.6 kilometers. Haibang Station is a transfer station for Line 4, which plays an important role in linking Guangzhou’s Panyu and Nansha districts.

                The Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway opened on Dec 15, cutting the time it takes to travel around Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen down sharply.

                It will operate a mass transit type train, with tickets sold for unnumbered seats only. Unlike most high-speed trains, it is equipped with handrails for passengers who buy standing-room tickets.

                The earliest train runs from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Airport at 7:00, and the last one departs at 20:05; the train in the reverse direction operates from 7:45 to 21:21.

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