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                Intelligent connected vehicles compete in Huangpu
                Update: 2020-01-02     Source: Chinadaily.com.cn

                A total of 30 intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) teams, including those from GAC, Wuhan University, and Sun Yat-sen University, gathered at Guangzhou International Bio Island in Guangzhou's Huangpu district to take part in the three-day Intelligent Connected Vehicle Driving Competition 2019 (Guangzhou) on Dec 27.

                The competition was held simultaneously with the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Conference 2019, an event showcasing the latest achievements in China's intelligent connected vehicle driving.

                Several application scenarios and exhibition projects were set up, inviting both professional teams and the public to participate in the events, as well as experience the cutting-edge technologies.

                In addition, other activities were also held, including the design competition for universities and intelligent driving experience activity.

                The design competition for universities started accepting submissions from all over the country from June to October and about 1,000 works from hundreds of teams were received. Eight of them were selected to compete in the final held on Dec 29.

                In July, China's first 5G self-driving application demonstration island settled down in Guangzhou International Bio Island and the host site of the event was covered with a 5G network.

                  A total of 30 intelligent connected vehicle teams compete in the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Driving Competition 2019 (Guangzhou), which started on Dec 27.


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