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                Home  |  About GZ  |  Directory  |  Contact Us  |  Help Center
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                General Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government

                Counsellors ’ Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government

                Guangzhou Municipal Institute for Culture and History


                Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission

                Guangzhou Municipal Food and Strategic Reserves Bureau

                市教育局:Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau

                市科学技术局:Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

                市工业和信息化网络彩票快三平台官网局:Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau

                市民族□宗教事务局:Guangzhou Municipal Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau

                市公安局:Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

                市民政局:Guangzhou Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau

                市司法局:Guangzhou Municipal Justice Bureau

                市财政局:Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau

                市人力资源和社会保障局:Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau


                Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau

                Guangzhou Municipal Oceanic Bureau

                市生态『环境局:Guangzhou Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau

                市住房和城乡幸运快三app网址建设局:Guangzhou Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau

                市交通运输☆局(挂公路管理局牌ㄨ子) Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau

                Guangzhou Municipal Highway Administration

                市水务局:Guangzhou Water Authority


                Guangzhou Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau

                Guangzhou Municipal Poverty Alleviation and Development Office

                市商务局:Guangzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau


                Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau

                Guangzhou Municipal Cultural Heritage Administration

                市卫生健康委员会:Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission

                市退役军人事务广东鼎安快三局:Guangzhou Municipal Veterans Affairs Bureau

                市□ 应急管理局:Guangzhou Municipal Emergency Management Bureau

                市审计局:Guangzhou Municipal Audit Bureau

                市国有资产监督管理委员会:Guangzhou Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission


                Guangzhou Municipal Market Regulatory Administration

                Guangzhou Municipal Intellectual Property Administration

                市体育局:Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau

                市统计局:Guangzhou Municipal Statistics Bureau

                市医疗保ぷ障局:Guangzhou Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau

                市地方金融监督管理局: Guangzhou Municipal Local Financial Supervision and Administration

                市城市管理和综合执法局:Guangzhou Municipal City Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau

                市来穗人员服务管理■局:Guangzhou Municipal Migrant Service Bureau

                市政府研北京pk10稳定计划软件究室:Research Office of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government

                市信访局:Guangzhou Municipal Public Complaints Bureau

                市政务服务数据管理局:Guangzhou Municipal Government Affairs Data Administration

                市港务局:Guangzhou Port Authority

                市林业和园林局:Guangzhou Municipal Forestry and Landscaping Bureau

                市社会组织管理局:Guangzhou Municipal NGO Administration

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