Entrepreneurs are always on-the-go; take your business with you

Driven by technological innovations, there is a growing number of mobile workers. According to Forbes, the number is expected to increase to 3.71 Billion worldwide by 2018. This is not just a trend but the growing demands of modern business. Welcome to the world of #AnywhereGeneration. Business productivity – anywhere and everywhere, on the go.  

Stay on the top of your game 

In the increasingly competitive business climate, ideas and especially the speed of implementing ideas are crucial. As an entrepreneur, you want to capitalize on each and every creative moment you have and turn that into value for your business. And as an SME owner, you need to stay on top of your business, directing and managing different aspects, no matter where you are. This means that you need to have all data and information at your fingertips, always.

Being mobile allows you to stay connected at all times. In a research, it is found that the Cost of Disconnectivity is estimated to be a whopping £31.6 Billion per year! Customers with burning questions, looking for solutions, expect to be answered quickly, if not immediately. With just those few seconds to make the first impression, the easier to connect to you, the more reliable your customers will perceive you to be.

Mobility has also opened new ways of collaboration. Work with partners, suppliers and even customers from all over the world, is made possible. No borders, no barriers, increasing opportunities for your ideas to come to life.  


Embracing Mobility

Image credit: Microsoft 

So what do we need to be productive on the go? First and foremost, the right tools to give you seamless access to information, convenience and social connectivity. Mobility could mean increased vulnerability, with higher threats of data breaches, so it is important to look at securing data, as opposed to devices. Lastly, you will need a network infrastructure that is reliable and has optimum uptime that allows your business to run 24/7. Take a leaf from serial entrepreneur Joel Neoh on how he gets productive on the go. 

One tool that does it all 

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The one device that combines everything you need for business productivity on-the-go is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, with Windows 10 and Office 365. At only 786 grams, the tablet is light enough to carry anywhere and power packed with features of a full-fledged laptop. In fact, it is “the tablet that can replace your laptop”.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with the Surface Pen that allows you to take notes in OneNote, sketch ideas and even digital inking with support from DocuSign. Talk about saving the environment in style.

With the enterprise-grade security of Windows 10 that protects against virus and the secured OneDrive cloud storage (with Office 365), you can have a peace of mind, knowing that you are protected from modern security threats.

Office 365 not only gives you access to familiar apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and OneNote, it also gives you seamless connectivity while you work on the go. In addition to the automatic saving of offline documents into OneDrive, it also allows real-time collaboration and co-authoring. Everyone works on the latest version of the document, without confusion.  Teamwork is made easy using Microsoft Teams, discussions and brainstorming can take place via chat, with access to all the necessary data. Bring the discussion further; host an online meeting or a video call with Skype for Business. 


Image credit: Microsoft 

For all entrepreneurs who desire productivity on the go,  support your business needs with Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Office 365 starting from just RM212 a month! Or enjoys savings from RM1,400 onwards, for a limited time only! #AnywhereGeneration


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