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Choosing Your Business’ Most Suitable Internet Plan

Getting your business connected to the Internet is one of the more complicated but mandatory tasks when setting up your office. Before settling for your business Internet plan, here are  some factors for you to take into consideration.

Usage Habits

Think about the nature of your business; is it Internet-based or heavily dependent on social media interactions or a brick-and-mortar setup? This will help you determine connection speeds and usage quota necessary.

For example, if you’re selling products and services online, across various social platforms, posting loads of photos and videos, your product and social media managers will be able to work more efficiently with a smooth connection and unlimited data.

As for traditional store front types, you can opt for the most basic, seeing that your business does not engage with much activity on the web. Unless it’s an F&B outlet with screening movies and sports. You’ll be better off with Astro IPTV or TM Unifi as both comes with free and paid channels as well as Internet connections. Prices typically start from RM200 per month.

You also need to consider if your business is on the go, like you. Perhaps you will be better off looking at mobile Internet plans. Most of these plans have a quota limit, some up to 30GB, but low monthly commitment. The only thing with mobile Internet is there will be areas with weak signals.


Before diving headlong into a comprehensive comparison spreadsheet on Internet plans, find out which service providers are available for your premises. You can check coverage areas for the ISPs available in their respective websites. That will help narrow down your choice.

For those with a physical office, it is worthwhile dropping by the management office to find out if the building is readily wired with fiber optics or has a preferential ISP with exclusive deals.

To get a good idea of actual speed is to do a Speedtest with the modem. You can go to the nearest store of your ISP and ask for them to test it out.


Let’s say you’ve narrowed down to a handful of ISPs. Now it comes down to the ringgit and sen. The easiest way is to calculate how much it costs per GB. That will get you to the ballpark figure you’re comfortable paying.

For bare bones startups, it’s much cheaper to sign up for personal plans instead of business ones. For example, Maxis Fibre Internet 10Mbps is RM128 per month, mobile Internet from U Mobile for RM40 per month while DiGi Broadband and Celcom First plans start from RM45 monthly.

Bells and Whistles

Understand what you’re getting from your ISP upon registration. Some just offer free sign up without contract while some throw in some useful freebies. It can be free calls to numbers using the same ISP, monthly discounts or free installation.

TIME Fibre Business Basic is giving free 15 hours of 100Mbps boost for its 40Mbps package while TM Unifi is offering free 12-month iflix subscription together with a dect phone, modem and router.

In Malaysia, businesses have quite a host of services to pick from and you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that is able to cater accurately to your needs and budget.

Here’s a quick look at some of the larger names in Malaysia and selected packages they can offer you.

Mobile ISP

Plan Data quota Max speed Contract


Maxis Wireless Broadband 3-48GB 12Mbps 12 months RM48-RM158
DiGi Broadband 1-110GB Up to 100Mbps nil RM25-RM185
Celcom Gold Internet for Business 36GB Up to 100Mbps 12 months RM100
U Mobile MB128 32GB Up to 21Mbps nil RM128
Yes Postpaid 98 32GB Up to 6Mbps 24 months RM98
P1 ToGo 5GB-Unlimited 1-2Mbps 6-24 months RM59-RM159

Broadband ISP

Plan Data quota Max speed Contract


TM Unifi BIZ Advance Unlimited 30-100Mbps 24 months RM299-RM379
Maxis Business Fibre Zero Downtime Unlimited 8-100Mbps 24 months RM175-RM788
Time Fibre Small Business Basic Unlimited Up to 100Mbps 24 months RM168-RM468
Astro IPTV Unlimited 10-30Mbps 24 months RM156.88-RM262.88
P1 ForBiz 4G Unlimited 1-5Mbps 24 months RM99-RM199

Before you decide on purchasing Internet Plan, make sure to check carriers’ websites for any new offers.

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